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Reading - a fascinating process. If you do not believe, it's time to try. Reading a good book gives us a chance to live someone else's life. Relive the emotions and feelings of another person. Learning from his mistakes, rethink your life. The human brain does not border the incoming information on the real and the fictional. And the one and the other he reacts the same way. This means that, when you read about the underwater journey, the brain produces the sensation that you would experience in a real dive. And if the book is about love - you will experience the same emotions attributed to the hero with whom you associate yourself subconsciously. Man emotions needed at any age. The fewer the days proceed faster. The monotony and gray paint conceal time. Fly by days, weeks, years, look back and remember nothing. Books also make life more interesting, richer. And it's not just the fact that you're reading different stories and this life becomes brighter. Books change your thinking, they are encouraged to get up and do something that you have not solved. Reading man is never bored or because at any moment he is reading. Not at all. It's just that the person who reads well developed imagination, and he is able to come up with entertainment for themselves out of nothing.

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